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A leading telco in APAC leverages Knot Solutions expertise to modernize its legacy billing assurance and revenue assurance system.

Organization Challenge

Leading communication service provider with an extensive customer base and multiple product lines, including mobile, broadband, and cable TV, planned to redesign the current product and service line offerings for the cable TV markets to attract new customers and provide cutting-edge services for both existing and new customers.

Business Challenge

The configurations of the old system were multi-level complicated, and changing the setups would affect the current discounts and pricing across several systems. One of the critical business goals with the essential adjustments to be in place was billing assurance and revenue assurance to ensure that there are no post-renovation repercussions and the transfer of the systems in a limited downtime without slipover.


All parties involved were aware of the difficulties at the requirements stage; the test coverage must be complete without any faults slipping into production. Teams conducted POCs to access the future functionality to get around these issues, with the testing team approving the accuracy of each POC.

Given the length and breadth of the implementation and post-implementation, exhaustive test cases were created to guarantee that the coverage was comprehensive. To verify that all possible combinations and permutations of the test scenarios were tried.

During the testing phase, difficulties with discounts were discovered and fixed thanks to an automated technique used to extract the entire bill cycle charge verification.

Solution Implemented


Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

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