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One of the largest 4G service providers in the APAC region with convergent pre- and postpaid offerings relies on Knot Solutions to successfully reduce their high daily operational costs.

Organizational Challenge

A major telecom company in the APAC region was facing extremely high operational costs to maintain daily operations. They are one of the top 4G service providers in the nation with convergent pre-and post-paid offerings is the client.

Business Needs

The business need was to reduce maintenance costs with an integrated system, service availability, and consistent process.
1. The expense of operating day-to-day operations for the customer was relatively high.
2. Customer discontent was caused by a lack of IT/BSS knowledge.
3. Abysmal service.
4. Revenue leaks and incorrect bills.
4. Lack of availability of accurate and current client data.

Problem Statement

Challenges faced

Proposed Solution & Approach

Stabilizing the current system was the first step

The next step was to develop robust operational processes using

Reduction in opex was brought about by

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