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Partner with an industry-leading ecosystem to deliver customer success.

Join Our Structured Partner Program to Accelerate Technology and Business Solution Adoption in Your Region.

As an Industry-leading and trusted Telco enablement and transformation solutions provider, we deliver innovation that helps Telcos transform and succeed with a digital-first approach by effectively utilizing and deploying business applications, technology, and infrastructure.

Knot Solutions™, along with its partner ecosystem, help TSPs and Tier 1 organizations seamlessly manage a successful OSS-BSS transformation journey to support the growing industry’s challenging needs towards unlocking newer business models and revenue opportunities. The partner ecosystem provides an orchestrated approach that supports and compliments product and technology collaboration, market engagement, and regional growth.

Our global partner ecosystem includes technology and business partners to support the industry’s growing challenges across Business and Operations, System integration, solutions, and applications.

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Industry Leading Partnerships

Our partner ecosystem includes industry leaders to support the industry’s growing challenges across business operations, system integrations, solutions, and applications.