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We realize that as a business entity, we must own responsibility for the welfare of the society in which we operate.

Our open and transparent channels of communication ensure that we have a cohesive and vibrant environment at our workplace. We encourage our team leads and project managers to foster a work environment where the creative talent of every team member is brought to the forefront.

At Knot Solutions™ , our aim is to provide a growth-oriented and challenge-filled career roadmap for all our employees. We let talent flourish in every nook and corner of the organization by spotting, grooming, nurturing, and rewarding talent and commitment.





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Work with Passion Strive for Excellence

Innovative solutions with integrated frameworks

Knot Solutions™ has a passion-driven culture with core values consisting of integrity, commitment, and respect. Everyone at Knot Solutions™ is encouraged to put trust in their potential and achieve greater heights. Knot Solutions™ also ensures all the support is provided in terms of upskilling, reskilling, and cross-learning. At Knot Solutions™ , we encourage and empower employees with decision-making and defining their own career progression path.

– Team HR@Knotsolutions!


Hear it from our

First Employee of Knot Solutions™

“The Experience & the exposure that I have got from the start in the domain has helped me immensely in fast-tracking my skill and knowledge acquisition to be better and be part of the growth strategy. Today, I lead a global team and front-end global customer interactions at a strategic level in helping them stay ahead of the competition.”

Sridhar Gogineni Delivery Director, India

“I started as a fresher in 2014. Within a few months, I started working on a project that was the best thing I could ever ask for as a fresher. I love Knot Solutions™ because everyone here is very approachable, and one need not hesitate to ask something. Everyone is friendly, and the work environment is very comfortable here. To balance work and life, one can actively participate in many entertainment activities organized here. Our anniversary is a big event for all of us. I truly feel blessed to start my career at such a great workplace as Knot Solutions.”

Bhargavi Modukuri Consultant

“I have been associated with Knot Solutions for 13 years now. Our core values reflect our identity as a company, and we live by these values every day, making sure we become a better person and future leaders. Our successes, milestones, and achievements are always recognized. In Knot Solutions™, the employees are not just NUMBERS; we are treated as MEMBERS of the KNOT FAMILY and always make sure that we are happy, inspired, motivated, and dedicated to our work.

I enjoy the company of the people I work with, and there is lots of opportunity for growth. The work is challenging, but it helps keep me engaged. The perks and benefits are top-notch, and I know management cares about work and life balance. Overall, it is a great place to work, and I am excited about the growth of my company.”

Murali Jakkepalli Manager – Finance

“By no means am I flattering or exaggerating when I say I am glad I joined Knot Solutions™. The organization offers everything that an employee, especially those in their 30s and 20s like me, can ask for, a healthy work environment, individual recognition, career growth, and a ‘farthest-from-toxic’ work culture. The managers here know to recognize talent and identify knowledge gaps in an employee.

If I am being frank, like most engineering graduates, I had little hands-on experience with the various technologies. However, my team lead ensured that I am equipped with in-depth knowledge on various platforms and after being adequately familiar, I was deployed into projects that not only tested my skillset but also brought a demonstrable career development.”

Mourya Biswas Trainee Associate

"It has been a pleasure to be a Senior SAP consultant with Knot Solutions™ for more than six years (and still counting).

Apart from the excellent work dedication and commitment to its clients, the culture, camaraderie, and respect for each other make it a vibrant workplace.

The Management is very supportive of its people, providing career development and personal growth opportunities.

More than a Company, it's Family!"

Raymond Cacao Senior Consultant, Knot Solutions™ Pte. Ltd, Singapore

“I have had the privilege of working at Knot Solutions™ as an SAP ABAP Developer for about a year and a half now. The one thing that has impressed me the most is the good mix of motivated young and experienced workforce who take care of each other because the company takes care of them. This allows all employees to have a work-life balance. The company allows you to wear multiple hats and empowers you with encouragement and freedom to make decisions on the job. The company's leadership makes employees feel appreciated and recognized for their dedication and hard work. Many employees have been with the company for a long time for this very reason. The work environment, the relationships we establish with fellow teammates, and the opportunities to grow are the reasons that make me want to come to work every day.”

Soundarya Ramarajan Consultant, Knot Solutions™ Pte. Ltd, Singapore

“Knot Solutions™ has provided a dynamic and diverse environment with many opportunities to sharpen my project management and communication skills. The senior management team provides the right guidance and ample support for middle management and work teams. Glad to be associated with Knot Solutions™ and working at client site directly.”

Seng Kah Hau Consultant – QE, Knot Solutions™ Pte. Ltd, Singapore

“Working in Knot makes me feel passionate about my work. The knot has a great leadership team that inspires, encourages, and empowers me to do my best. They identify the strengths and give the employees the right position that challenges them to go beyond into different areas. Knot Solutions also provides the employees with a great work environment and team spirit. Here at Knot, it is ensured that every perspective is welcomed and each voice is valued. And they always try to create a place where everyone can reach their full potential.

The leadership team is committed to building a workplace culture where everyone feels welcome, respected, supported, and valued. And one of the best things I like about the leadership team is that they act as a bridge between our thoughts and possibilities, which helps us to create wonders.

Wishing Knot family to reach greater heights in the future.”

Ganesh Puvvada Project Lead, Knot Solutions™ Fz LLC, UAE

"I started my career and have been with Knot Solutions™ for ten years. I got a good opportunity to work on various projects over these years involving various technologies. I have received great support from my fellow team members. This has helped me in improving my personal and professional growth. I enjoy and look forward to continuing the same."

Hemchand Meka Team Lead

“I am currently Working for our Own Product in Telecom Domain and am very excited with the fact that this will have so impact in the telco space. I am working on the latest technologies. We have a Friendly Environment, and the Good thing is that Management is receptive to Feedback /Suggestions from Employees in Individuals formally and informally, like in get-togethers, and ensures that these are implemented, empowering us.”

Naveen Jakkula Consultant – Product Team

"Working with KNOT has been a wonderful experience. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on in my career, helping me accelerate my growth. The work culture of KNOT is nurturing. The communication channels are open and frank. I am able to learn new things as well as demonstrate my strong commitment and contributions. Here, the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, like communication, collaboration, teamwork, professionalism, etc., is quite tremendous. To even harmonize work and life, one can actively participate in many entertainment activities organized by the company. I’ve been fortunate to be part of this wonderful environment that makes me who I am today."

Lakshmana Rao Boddepalli Senior Consultant – Product Team

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