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A leading TSP in the Middle East leverages RPA across its sales, Marketing, Human resources, and inventory operations to lower costs and gain operational efficiencies

Headquartered in UAE, today, they provide innovative solutions and services to 155.4 million subscribers in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


Our client was looking to deploy enterprise-scale automation to manage and optimize the huge number of manual requests coming from internal service and support functions, drive business efficiencies to lower costs, manage the ever-growing requests and reduce processing time to service these requests, and deliver with accuracy and compliance aligned to internal SLA’s.


With an increasing trend in Y-o-Y requests from Marketing, Human Resources, Procurement, and vendor management departments, it was critical that business efficiencies were delivered without errors across the enterprise. Further, dependencies on resources to deliver consistently required additional resources and had added cost burdens on OPEX. Enterprise-wide process automation with intelligent and powerful workflows and BOTS with machine learning capabilities to build and learn while consistently delivering to SLAs was the way forward.
Knot Solutions partnered to deliver RPA across specific business lines and processes to reduce operational expenses, reduce errors, align processes to business compliance, and deliver efficiencies in reducing service time requests.
MarketingBulk Stock Index Creation, Price list and Discounts, Lead Generation from Social Community Portals
Human Resources Recruitment, Travel claims processing, Sick Leave Verification, Absence Management, Contractual and Employee Onboarding.
Partners & ProcurementFleet Fines Management, Warehouse materials, and inventory.

Benefits post-deployment

Robust RPA center of excellence from Knot solutions which constantly looks to innovation across its RPA deployments for its clients delivered an end-to-end process BOT implementation and maintenance support that reduced FTE employee workloads, increased productivity by servicing requests quickly, and lowered lead time to onboard new headcounts. Further ROIs on lead nurturing and progress from social community portals and program offers were significantly higher.
Below are the results of the deployments
Business Program Effort reduction (hrs) Cost savings
Human Resource Duty Travel Claims Processing 1575 87%
Human Resource Sick Leave Verification & Approval 575 98%
Human Resource Time & Attendance Management 782 98%
Human Resource Contract employees onboarding 320 89%
Human Resource CV Sourcing and recruitment process 330 91%
Sales & Marketing Bulk Stock Index Creation 517 85%
Sales & Marketing Bulk Stock Index Creation 517 85%
Sales & Marketing Price list and Discounts Management 288 97%
Sales & Marketing Leads Generation from Social Community Portals 486 80%
Sales & Marketing Leads Generation from Social Community Portals 486 80%
Fleet Management Fleet Fines Management Automation 1998 66%
Procurement Material Receipt Advice Creation in ERP 492 95%

About RPA@Knot Solutions

Knot Solutions successfully delivers end-to-end industry-leading RPA solutions for the telecom industry. Besides a proven industry delivery model, our expertise includes a full-cycle approach with Business Readiness Assessment, Tools Assessment, ROI assessment, BOT Design Development & Deployment, support, and managed operations.

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