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Moving to Decision Intelligence with Digital Exchange platforms to leverage opportunities in Telematics 4.0! 

The telecom industry has witnessed turbo paced technology developments in the last decade … cloud, big data, mobile broadband, OTT players and MVNO’s leading to a very strategic imperative- differentiated approach towards enterprise customers and its readiness to address challenges and opportunities.

Telematics 4.0 — the seamless integration of mobility and intelligent automation, comes with a US$25 billion opportunity by 2025. (source EY). Will legacy and add-on infrastructure platforms support growth and monetisation opportunities of Tier 1 operators to make this a viable proposition for the enterprise, while offering value to the end customer? 

Telecom operators will need to reconsider what do customers want and how much are they willing to pay for it?

The battle between LTE providers and car makers with advanced embedded technology is heating up.

Enterprise customers like Usage-based insurance providers, After Market, Fleet management operators, Automated parking and toll payment, Smart city infrastructure and other value-added app-based customer services will look at value, usability and flexibility offered.

TSP’s will need to ensure readiness of business-critical support systems that addresses a wider set of Vehicle-centric services catering to telematics, that include user interface, network adaptability and interoperability along with bill integration and invoicing, service provisioning, device management, data analytics and customer support.

Even more of a concern would be do they come with predictive and analytical capabilities required to support real-time right decision making for the telematics industry, for the complex and vast amounts of structured and unstructured data streaming in? 

A seamlessly integrated front-back-office operations, built on a transformational BSS integrated architecture designed to be flexible, will be the key to addressing opportunities. 

TSP’s can swiftly ensure business systems readiness towards new service offerings, partnerships and collaboration opportunities. 

Cloud-based platform infrastructure helps TSP’s with agility to manage device data and quickly deploy end to end high-quality service offerings as an independent system or on top of your core platform. You can now quickly offer connectivity with high bandwidth services, provide flexible data plans (shared data plans or split billing services), leverage vehicle-related collection data with mining capabilities, service platforms to offer end services either directly to the customers or in collaboration with vehicle OEM” s.