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Assured 99.37% Accuracy for a Huge Transformation Project

Leading Communication Service Provider with multiple product lines spanning across mobile, broadband, Cable TV with huge customer base intended to remodel the existing products and service line offerings for the Cable TV markets to acquire new customers and offer innovative services for the existing / new customers.

Business Challenge

The existing system had multi-level complex configurations and remodeling the configurations would have an impact on the existing discounts, pricing across multiple systems. Billing Assurance, Revenue Assurance to ensure that there are no post remodeling effects and the migration of the systems in a limited downtime without slip over was one of the top business priorities with the necessary changes to be in place.


The test coverage has to be complete without any slippage of defects into production, all the stakeholders were cognizant of the challenges at the requirements stage. To overcome these, teams conducted POC’s to access the to-be functionalities with the testing team certifying the validity of every POC.

Exhaustive Test cases were designed to ensure that the coverage was complete given the length and breadth of the implementation and post implementation. unique permutations and combinations of various test scenarios were tested to ensure the coverage was complete.

Automated tool used to extract full bill cycle charge verification resulted in identification and correction of the discounts related issues during the testing phase.

  • A new tool was developed and tested to Validate Promotions.
  • Multiple sets of Migration test done with CRM and billing system data. Data inconsistencies filtered and rectified during the testing phase.
  • End to end verification of the bills generated.
  • Control bill verification for complete bill cycle to ensure bill accuracy.
  • Task force forum formed through messenger service for real time communication (Onsite – Offshore).
  • Performance test and tuning performance tuning done to complete migration within 3 hrs.
  • Zero post productions defects.